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What is retail?

Retail is a sale directly to a consumer, and usually in small quantities. Most of our orders are from bookstores, nature centers, museums, etc. which will be reselling our products in their stores, so our information is aimed at them, describing display racks and listing quantity discounts, etc. As an individual ordering from us, if you wish to buy in the quantities a store would, you will receive the same quantity discounts. Please read our retail prices and ordering information.

Wholesale Prices, Policies, and Ordering Information

What is wholesale?

"Sale - 50% Off Wholesale Products"

Wholesale prices are for those who buy in quantity and intend to resell the products. Please read our wholesale prices, policies and ordering information before ordering. This page has information about display racks and suggestions about wholesale ordering an individual would not be interested.

Handmade Calendar Frame Ordering Information

Calendar Order Blank

If you wish to combine a calendar and other products in an order, please inquire about shipping.

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