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  • Size: 1 1/2" by 6"
  • Printed from original artwork (pen and ink, scratchboard, etc.) by Carl
  • See Ordering Information for prices and quantity discounts.
  • An interpretive message is featured on the back of each bookmark.

Example bookmark back:

Interpretive message back for Loon Bookmark

10-slot Rack We provide a stained wood display rack free with an initial order of 500 black & white bookmarks.  The 10-slot rack is 12 inches high and occupies a 7x10 inch space on your counter.   If you have need of more than one rack because of the size of your store, the number of locations you have, or desire to display more designs, additional 10-slot displays will be provided free to outlets whose sales are large enough (approximately 1,000 or more bookmarks per year); otherwise a fee of $20 will be charged (plus actual shipping cost).  Header/price tags will be provided free at any time.

Please note: Our display racks are provided only for use with our products. The price charged for the racks only recovers materials and does not compensate Carl for time and effort. The low price we charge for them is a reflection of our trust in you to use them only for our products. Thanks.

Carl James Freeman
2485 Herring Road
Arcadia, MI 49613
Phone/FAX: (231) 352-4739

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